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Doula Services

If you choose to have me as your Doula, it will be an honor to be present and support you as you bring new life into the world.

Doula services include:

  • Initial consultation, to get to know each other and explore teaming up for your birth. This interview is completely free with no obligations.
  • During our two (2) prenatal visits, we will explore your desires and expectations for your birth. What helps you to relax? What makes you feel calm and connected? We can discuss and practice techniques and tools to enhance comfort and progress during your labor. Talking about your previous birth experiences, if applicable, may be helpful too. We’ll get to know one another and feel more confident as a team.
  • Assistance forming a birth plan. We can work to clarify your preferences and explore the options available to you. We will discuss the risks and benefits of many routine interventions while clarifying your preferences and the options available to you.
  • Access to my lending library of books about pregnancy, birth, childcare, and nutrition.
  • Unlimited text and email support, and phone support during business hours (9am-5pm), unless of course, it is an emergency.
  • On-call status 24/7 beginning two (2) weeks prior to your estimated due date (EDD) until the birth.
  • Continuous physical, emotional, and informational support for you and your partner during labor. When labor starts, I will join you when you give the word. I can help create more ease in your transition to the hospital or birth center, or meet you at your place of birth. Throughout your labor I will provide compassionate support to you and your chosen birth team.
  • Once baby is born, I will remain by your side for one­ to two hours in the immediate postpartum, assisting you with breastfeeding (if applicable) and skin to skin, helping you to have all that you need to rest and soak in the wonder of your new little one.
  • An optional check-in visit within the first week after the birth to see how you and baby are doing.
  • A visit sometime in the first 1-3 weeks postpartum, to talk about the birth and answer any questions you may have.
  • Phone support as needed during the early postpartum period.

My fee is $400