Kate Ahlgren, Labor Doula

I am a trained Labor Doula. I am mama to three children, and it was their home water-births that awakened my desire to support other women during their birthing journeys. I love birth, I love babies, and even more, I love women and helping them feel empowered! I began my doula journey in 2017, but have been fascinated by pregnancy and birth since childhood, and have been studying and expanding my understanding of pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding since my teens. After being present for the birth of my nephew and personally experiencing three of my own births, my reverence for the innate wisdom and wonder within the human body, mama’s and baby’s, grew exponentially! I told my partner that I had to find a way to be around births, but without actually birthing another child myself! And so began my journey into doula work.

My priority is to help women feel truly supported, informed, and cared for during their labor, birth and early postpartum. It is your body, your birth, and your baby! I am here to support your vision of the best birth for you by providing educational, emotional, and physical support. While hospital staff or midwives do their jobs, I will be present for you the mother, wherever and however you choose to give birth. If you have your spouse, partner, friend or a family member with you for support as well, I love to help them feel empowered and capable in their role too. I am available to serve in Pinellas, Hillsborough and Manatee County.